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Blonde Jin is on fiiiiiiiiiire

literally saME HAHAHAHA i mean who wouldn't like asian boys that remind you of french fries (i wrote fires at first lmao insfiRES MAN)

Aw cute leader Rapmon. BTS

Aw cute leader Rapmon OMG I love him so much~

*whispers to myself* He is eomma.. Don't get crush... Namjin is real... Swipe to next picture... Don't look in the eyes.. DON'T----  *ends up getting bias wrecked*

*whispers to myself* He is eomma. Namjin is real. DON'T---- *ends up getting bias wrecked*

So proud of them xx

Then we get the most amazing sets for WINGS but you remember that Save Me was filmed on a beach and that the members wore their own clothes during their individual promo videos I'm so proud

Oh God You should see an updated version of those photos...

//BTS- Omfg hes out and about picking up girls guyss