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Decorating with plants

4 ideas for decorating with plants

Summer style!! Modern Contemporary and Green!! Large leaf plants, with modern plant stand.

grey stone-like pots for my bedroom plants and light terracotta-brown-cream colored ones in the living room

botanical living

91 Magazine S/S 2016 - preview

From left: rattlesnake plant  Lemon tree ,  Aloe vera, Snake plant in pot (£45 for two, rockettstgeorge.co.uk). Turtle vine, African spear . ZZ

How to make the most of house plants

How to make the most of house plants Life and style The Guardian. From left: rattlesnake plant in planter . Lemon tree in terracotta pot on table. Aloe vera in petrol pot Snake plant in pot. Turtle vine in Lassen Kubus bowl. African spear in Les Gu

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Urban Jungle Bloggers: Show Your Plant Gang!