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Im always skipping through my playlist find a song to match my rhythm!

A new and improve life hacks article that you want to try before you die, we all know the past articles we published a while back that got a really good : http://theawesomedaily.com/23-sneaky-life-hacks/#

23 Sneaky Life Hacks To Help You Win Life

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Ten Ways To Cheat Life.this is worth it's weight in gold if number 10 works

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Dear Future Self, Remember when you used to dream about being rich? You had a board called When I Win the Lottery. Well, look at you now. Broke as hell with over things on your board. I guess you're rich in pins.

I'll do this

1000 Life Hacks - 6 things you should always have in your car: Change of clothes Duct Tape Carpet replacements (for getting tire traction) Fire extinguisher Money Blankets

1000 Life Hacks...when calling customer support

I remember back in my day customer service involved human beings talking to one another hack - Or press zero or say operator (representative for insurance companies).

1000 Life Hacks --- hopefully we're done with ice for the winter though

Yet another good use for Vinegar hack, combine vinegar with water to melt ice off your windows. Winter is coming ^_^

Gas hack

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Google like a boss  |  http://www.google.com/insidesearch/tipstricks/basics.html

Computer Education World. Tips To Help You Better Understand Kaptops. You may need a new laptop for school, work or other reasons. Avoid getting intimidated by your lack of knowledge about laptops.

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1000 Life Hacks yet another reason to NOT wear yellow and always wear green!

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24 Incredibly Necessary Life Hacks To Make Your Days Much Easier

--> Grocery coupons by your own shopping list. How cool, will try next big shopping <--lots of Cool 'Life Hacks' via Kat H

to bad I don't have an android

1000 Life Hacks make your Android phone ring if on vibrate and lost in the house