Beautiful yellow roses

yellow roses~infidelity or jealousy? My dad sent these to my mom thinking they were her favorite (?) and she wanted pink. She resented the yellow.

austin 1

De nieuwste van David Austin.

Rosa 'Albrighton Rambler', a repeat (yes repeat) flowering rambler from David Austin that grows to just feet.

Alone.Photo: Anthony Britton  gypsealife

Alone.Photo: Anthony Britton gypsealife

Some easy-care greens like English ivy, mums, and peace lilies naturally remove bad guys like formaldehyde and benzene from the air. Thanks for lookin' out.

A reminder of beautiful Belgium.  Flowers in a field across the road.....

A hundred years after the First World War, researcher Doug Goodman goes back to the Western Front.


Photo (It'sOnlyNatural by kathy)

Paeonia lactiflora This one is bought as a Sarah Bernhardt, but I'm not sure that is correct. It is quite a lot paler in colour compared to my other Sarah.