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Nate x Blair

Nate x Blair

Girl Meets World (2x15) He then says Mrs. MINKUS, FARKLE WAS PROPOSING TO RILEY THROUGH LUCAS!!!! lolol

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This episode was so sweet ( girl meets I am farkle)

#NewGirl S3 Ep20 "Mars Landing" - Nick and Jess

NewGirl "Mars Landing" - Nick and Jess

Dead men's chest final scene!

Captain Jack Sparrow- 'nice hat will' lol

I would totally say this to my friends dumb boyfriends… unless they’re Chris Pine

Now we pointing out the real problem

I laughed so hard when he said this...this show is just so good

TVShow Time - The Librarians - And the Tears of a Clown

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I love it when shows and movies break the 4th wall.

Best wall break Of all time. How to properly break the wall - Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Modern Family

Modern Family

"Hug me." He ordered. "Ew! I'm not touching you!" She yelled. He grabbed her and spun, disappearing into thin air.

Visual Writing prompt -- "Hug me." She yelled. He grabbed her and spun, disappearing into thin air.

The one on the right is cuter

spidey and the flash tom holland and grant gustin

THIS FOREVER AND ALWAYS......wow....is she gonna walk down the aisle like that?? Classy. @Maddy Hassenpflug

Harry Potter + Mean Girls + Miley Cyrus = Hilarious. "I have this theory that if you cut all her hair off she'd look like a British man!

Duh folks. She said this once in an interview,  not overtly, but still. Same with pattinson.

I love Kristen Stewart but people hate the Twilight movies because of the character. People who only watch her in Twilight hate her, not knowing they really only hate the main character of their favorite movie.

I love Wizards of Waverly Place it was my toats fave show !

Best scene in the movie

Best scene in the movie

That '70s Show: Where Are They Now?

Where Is the Cast of That '70s Show Now?

Eric, Jackie, Kelso, Hyde, Fez and Donna.