Yep!! Oh *sigh* those catchy

Had my last high school final exam. This is how I currently feel.


16 "Dirty Disney" Confessions That Will Shatter Your Childhood

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Justice League by Howard Porter for the relaunch by Grant Morrison. One of my favorite runs in comic book history.

All nighter lies

10 lies you tell yourself in an all nighter.was guilty of all of these at least once in college.

Teachers say this and then expect you to write entire essays with good structure in 30-40 minutes for AP classes.

You underestimate my power.

"This isn't some paper that you can write the night before" You underestimate my power.

you know you do this too... #psycho #hitchcock

Ummm yep, sometimes that is me at night. because there's TOTALLY a murderer lurking in the shower.

JW humor

Free and Funny Reminders Ecard: Opportunity knocks only once. If you hear a second knock, it's probably a Jehovah's witness.

Can You Skip It?

Funny pictures about Can You Skip Class Today? Oh, and cool pics about Can You Skip Class Today? Also, Can You Skip Class Today?

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So true.ap physics, officially the worst test I have ever taken, and I've taken some bad ones :(