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is john green awesome

John Green ladies and gentleman. This man writes award winning books

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John Green: helping you understand Nerdfighteria. Might be one of the only times he honestly answers the "Who the eff is Hank question.

John Green everybody

John reads old report cards

Typical John Green

John Green: "I found old high school literary journals featuring a story by me in which the main character dies, a story by me in which the grandfather dies, and a story by me in which the main character dies.

HAHA OMG. I feel like Harry Potter would do that! He would say that to James and he'd be like: "Dad, that's Albus"

John Green XD Who the eff is Hank? Hank is a pile of clothes

Wtf: Nifty Note

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John Green everyone...I still love him anyways! But ok, I'd exclaim that I have sharpie on my face if I had sharpie on my face!! It's SHARPIE

Dear book fans, This is what John Green really is. Love, The Nerdfighters.

John Green is a banana. am i a banana? yes. are you? are we in the matrix?

He has a New York Times best selling book, and yet, here we have john green saying that he is a banana <------ Honestly, how did no one else notice?

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He saw the chance, and he took it

I have a feeling he waited his entire life to tell this joke. {John Green and Nat Wolff}