24 surprising plant combos | Blue period | Sunset.comA cotiunus offers purple plumes of fluffy flowers, while two types of agave sit in front, bordered by the same color in blue fescue.

24 Surprising Plant Combos

What happens when a plant biologist and a landscape artist team up to create a garden on a California hillside? Surprising planting pairings at every

What plants go together? Pairing plants by color, season of bloom, and shape can sometimes be confusing. So, here's a list of some of our favorite combinations with tips on how to put them to good use in your landscape.

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leucadendron   jester - love this plant, use it a lot!

Not Australian native plants but would look good with native plants. Leucadendron 'Safari Sunset' (the shrub) is large, evergreen and open and has fantastic flowers great for cutting.

Orange and blue

24 Surprising Plant Combos

Paying complements: The complementary-color effect of silver-blue agave plus a rust-orange Japanese maple creates a view we can’t stop staring at.

Agave attenuata - (Mature size: 4 - 5 feet high and 6 - 8 feet wide) with clusters of pups tucked under its leaves, Agave attenuata is best planted where it can spread out. Pups are easily removed, but the cluster is quite striking. Tiny pale green flowers become many new plantlets that can be plucked off the stem and rooted. Native to Mexico, this is a tropical agave, prefers partial shade to scorching sun and looks best with regular water.

Fox Tail Agave, Agave attenuata, 15 seeds, soft blue-green leaves, windowsill or…


Who knew that stess (less water.more heat turn succulents red, K luciae (c) need for my garden

Succulent garden – no water landscape – xeriscape -  Agave garden

Succulent garden – no water landscape – xeriscape - Agave garden *River Rock

Arbol de flores azules

Vitex tree, or Chaste tree. It is a deciduous shrub that is commonly trimmed into a small tree. Normal bloom times in North Texas are from May to September. It is a well adapted plant for most landscapes in Texas.

Low water and low maintenance, California Friendly gardens strive to conserve our resources and keep our waterways clean. These gardens have it all: bold forms and also strong on color and texture.…

Create a drought-friendly landscape. (Originally featured on a California-Friendly Landscape Contest hosted by Roger's Gardens in Orange County, CA)

luv this--

Southwest Garden Inspiration: Steve Martino The red yucca, brittlebush, and prickly pear at a Palm Springs, California, home also relate to the southwestern.

Agave angustifolia marginata

Agave angustifolia marginata - I think I want to plant some agave in the yard Agave augustifolia (piteira do caribe) metros, sol pleno, contêm espinhos