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Beautiful grainy (film) black & white photo of a perfect wave by surf photographer Trent Mitchell

Zdjęcia zrobione w idealnym momencie XIV - Joe Monster

Photographer Clark Little is known for his jaw-dropping photos of giant waves crashing onto shore, a niche that& known as shorebreak photography.

A deep blue luminous dye surrounds the edges / of the land. Hours later, we touch down in New York. / The water is gray. We are tired / and begin to forget, again. Without / knowing it, we march off in the various directions.  "Returning from Greece" by Tryfon Tolides.

Michael Kenna - Artistic Photography - Morning Traffic, Midtown, New York City, 2000

Beautiful Wave

❥ WOW now, that's a wave! This is a beautiful picture of the ocean water.

Black White Photos, Fotografia

Hello August - The Month's Visual Inspirations

If you believe that waves, waterscapes, and waterfalls pretty well use up all the opportunities that water provides for picture-taking, think again. Here are seven more photography tips with water—remedies for the photo doldrums!

The Snow Corridor, Northern Japan Alps..................?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route in Nagano Prefecture turns into a snow corridor with high snow walls in winter. The section of the route with "Snow Walls" is open to sightseers from mid-April to late May.

another ridiculously awesome wave.

Stunning capture of a wave. there are so many wave pictures out there, but its the ones like this that captivate me. The clarity, the light and the color.

Bodies against time – Étienne-Jules Marey | Graphicine

air movement study, Étienne-Jules Marey, 1901 art with science