I love you so much I wish I could show you how much, I wish I could show you a better life

If you miss your special guy and you want to text him something sweet, Read on to find 35 perfect I Miss You quotes for him, for when you miss him most.

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Top 25 Cute Crush Quotes

Best Famous and Cute crush quotes Just like your first day at school, your first crush is also pretty crazy. So to make things better for you here are some coolest and most cutest crush sayings, ho…

You have my heart and I wouldn't want it anywhere else

Your stress will definitely go away, my love is big enough to make it leave right away. You'll definitely heal my love. You can have my heart forever.

El amor es ... nosotros!

Best Single Girl Quotes!

Quotes About Love For Him : Love is Comic Strip Love Comic Love Quotes Love Pictures Love is Comi

Litterally... we used to get into trouble for doing this... I remember countless times being tin the the principals office...

More like: To my highschool keyboard teacher - don't ever make me sit in the back of the room with my back to the class, I will still shout at my BFF!