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My dreams are so intense they remain with me for hours, days and - in many cases - years.

I'll talk incessantly but it's often only superficial stuff. Only a few people know what's inside my head and heart.

Getting a Pisces to open up sometimes is like trying to crack the safe to a vault.


Never more true, forgiveness is easy for a pisces, but the forgetting part is impossible

Ohh soo true. I get vines all the time

yep, except for boyfriends, i really gotta start listening to that vibe when it comes to dating

Pisces deep emotions like no other

If it is something wonderful and cherished, they will never forget those moments. If it is something bad, that event will stay in the dark alleys of their soul and the struggles to forget those sickening feelings.-- so true!

we take our time and sometimes never open up-unless we trust you. #Pisces

this is not bullshit it's true and the worst thing about it is we never stop wanting that for you even if it is the end. once you have a Pisces heart we are yours for life.