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Baaahaaaa perfect!!!! Pile it on & edit away!!! You can't change SKANK. Look in that mirror nasty tramp, you'll never be able to cover that joker mug up enough to be anything REAL!!!

hahaha this is why I stay makeup free so people won't say shit about how my face will look without makeup.

bahahahahaha #Truth  @widdoesmommy  does it remind you of anything?

Hahahahahaha this is so funny cause we seriously do have emojis we use for certain ppl!

I'm throwing shade like it's sunny

Get yo ass ova here foe i beat daf ass fawk u talkin bout shii i wanna talk too


Yup you're a basic dumb bitch with your fat chin hanging out the window while driving away talking shit in front of your children!


Welp- I guess I will embrace the wrinkles then ;) RBF is not my thing.

Lol! Scobby ur looks are a cross between dog/man! Ugly desperate low class trash

So pathetic.please, please comment on my selfies so you can feel good about your ugly self you stalking ugly fat lazy double chin bitch!

Exactly how I feel about that ex wife!

Honey for real, The only thing I honestly need to do still is kick your ass for opening your mouth, not like me to let that shit slide no matter wtf went down.