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I believe that call lights should be set up like PCAs. Hit it once, then you're locked out for a predetermined length of time. There could be order sets for the docs, based on the patient's history of call light abuse.

Bat shit crazy.

I am officially proficient a diagnosing bat shit crazy. Actually pretty much every patient and their family member is this.

Narcissist thinks he can tell me how i feel and tell me my feelings are wring. Bitch please you've  got no feelings you rotting excuse of a human

I'll probably still be laughing waaayyyyy after I post this!

Truth!  Nurse humor.

Hahahaha Michelle remember the one time I said this when I was a med student working the night shift at Lankenau L&D? The other nurses shot me daggers with their eyes! Now I'm a total freak about tips food health naturally

This made me think of my niece when she was in nursing school!! She is an awesome nurse....shoutout to nurse Tay ♥

Lost and Found

You can only fully have 2 out of 3 things while in school: sleep, social life, good grades. Which two would you choose?- Especially true for nursing school

Bwahahahaha! This one's for my nurse mate who accomplished this just yesterday! Go Java bean! Lol :D

Such a gratifying and "hot breath on the nails and polishing on your chest" kind…

Everyone needs a friend they can call and say, "Hey, you wanna hear something gross?" I think nursing school has given me too many of these friends

It's not nice to fib

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