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Cutaway view of the cartwheel-shaped Torus Colony, a space colony concept by NASA Ames Research Center. Illustration by Rick Guidice,

The horizon is here.......................

Here & There is a project by Schulze and Webb exploring speculative projections of dense cities. These maps of Manhattan look uptown from and.


This was an advertising job I did for Champion International . It was also used in an exhibit on future cities at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA.

Belga propõe cidade submarina na orla do Rio feita de lixo do oceano e impressão 3D - BBC Brasil

Belga propõe cidade submarina na orla do Rio feita de lixo do oceano e impressão 3D

Futuristic oceanscapers are floating villages from algae and plastic waste Aequorea Carbon-free printed oceanscaper by Vincent Callebaut – Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

The New York City that Never Was: Part II Bridges | turn of the century postcard depicting the benefits bridges could provide to the city and within the fabric:

Victorian Futurism / Future City / Vintage Futurism / Retro Future / Flying Machines / Visions of Future / vintage science fiction / retro sci fi) I'd love this if it was a real place

science fiction, fantasy, space.

science fiction, fantasy, space.

Retropedia - A look at style and design through time

The May, 1969 issue of Science Journal features an article by Dr. Rodney Wendell Johnson about lunar colonies of the future. Johnson was the Advanced Planner for NASA’s Advanced Manned Mission Program Office.

스페이스 콜로니

Economic systems that work, albeit imperfectly, on Earth may not be suitable at all for small, closed settlments in space. How space settlement can challenge consumerism.

Visionary City by William Robinson Leigh, 1908 : RetroFuturism

"Retro-futurism in French Children’s Encyclopedias, 1945-1975" j'ai lue ce livre, j'aimerais le retrouver

elevators of the future city Retro-futurism in French Children’s Encyclopedias, - Retronaut