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Et tannglass i plast med trykk. Høyde 10 cm, diameter 7 cm.

Et tannglass i plast med trykk.

Pichet en verre: Pichet en verre coloré avec motif en relief. Modèle avec bec et anse. Diamètre en haut 9 cm, hauteur 22 cm.

Pichet en verre

Relief-patterned glass carafe: Carafe in relief-patterned coloured glass with a spout and handle. Diameter at the top 9 cm, height 22 cm.

H&M - Grote glazen vaas: Een grote glazen vaas met een structuurdessin. Hoogte 23 cm. Diameter aan de bovenkant 8 cm. -------------- 14.99€

Grote glazen vaas

Large glass vase: Large vase in textured glass. Diameter at the top 8 cm, height 23 cm.

Rectangular cushion cover in woven cotton fabric with a printed pattern. Yarn tassels at corners and concealed zip.

Cushion cover with tassels: Rectangular cushion cover in a patterned cotton weave with yarn tassels in the corners and a concealed zip.

Candle in a ceramic holder: Candle in a pineapple-shaped ceramic holder with a lid. Unscented. Diameter 9 cm, height including lid 15 cm. Burn time 5 hours.

Large candle in ceramic holder

Large candle in ceramic holder: Candle in a pineapple-shaped ceramic holder with a lid.

Żakardowa poszewka na poduszkę

Jacquard-weave cushion cover: Jacquard-weave cushion cover with a concealed zip

Świeca zapachowa w pojemniku: Świeca zapachowa w pojemniku ceramicznym w kształcie jabłka. Pokrywka z gałką i ozdobnym wytłaczanym liściem z metalu. Średnica 9 cm, wysokość 10, 5 cm. Czas palenia 10 godzin.

Świeca zapachowa w pojemniku

Scented candle in an apple-shaped ceramic holder. Lid with knob and decorative leaf in patterned metal. Diameter 3 in., height 4 in.

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Cushion cover with a motif: Cushion cover in cotton with a print motif and concealed zip.

Scented candle in a ceramic box with a petal-shaped decoration on the lid. Height 4 cm (7 cm including decoration), diameter 6.5 cm. Burn time 5 hours.

Scented candle in a ceramic container with flower petal-shaped decoration on lid. Height 1 in. including decoration), diameter 2 in.