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back bangs bike shorts blunt bangs breasts domino mask dual wielding from behind full body ink tank (splatoon) inkling layered clothing looking at viewer looking back mask pointy ears red background red eyes shoes simple background small sneakers sol

Está soy yo en splatoon es que encima tengo la chaqueta en la vida real

This is Bubble, she is flirty and has a slight crush on Cici and Blue. She is mean and doesn't care for others (unless she likes them) she doesn't show emotion

Splatoon Octoling by @M0a_

Splatoon Octoling by @M0a_



Splatoon and Bloodbourne

artist_name bloodborne denchinamazu dual_wielding from_behind hunter_(bloodborne) hunter_(bloodborne)_(cosplay) inkling lauren_may moon night orange_hair paint parody signature solo splatoon tentacle_hair

artist name bangs bike shorts blue eyes blue hair blunt bangs domino mask eyebrows full body handheld game console heterochromia hood hood down hoodie inkling joy-con long hair looking at viewer mask monster girl multicolored hair nintendo nintendo s

Tweet multimediali di Colodraws (@Nagrolaz) | Twitter

alternate costume aori (splatoon) bad end black gloves colo (nagrolaz) gloves high heels highres hotaru (splatoon) miniskirt mole mole under eye multiple girls navel pantyhose pointy ears short shorts shorts skirt splatoon splatoon 2 spoilers stomac