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22 ideas para convertir tus botellas vacías en cosas útiles y decorativas


Bottle Trees n Marble Trees :: Bottle Ball Trees by jerryswanson image by sangaree_KS - Photobucket

Butterfly Wind Chimes with Bells | Gardener's Supply

Unique wind chimes - a gentle breeze sets this flock of butterflies in motion, accompanied by the sweet chiming of handmade bells.

dalle de verre - Buscar con Google

Kitengela Hot Glass has an entire metal works section for making molds, framing for Dalle de Verre designs and the armature or skeleton for chandeliers, as well as garden gates, funky fences and pergolas.

A mushroom made with glass gems glued onto a bowl then inverted onto a bottle or vase. Use a strong glue for stability.

So pretty in the garden. Mushroom made with Glass gems glued onto a bowl. Maybe try red with white gems for a spotty mushroom