Spiderman - AvX

Artwork for cover of Avengers vs X-Men August, Art by Jim Cheung.

Red Hood / Agent Venom / Deathstroke by naratani on deviantART

Red Hood / Agent Venom / Deathstroke My top 3 Anti-Heros in one pic!

Josh Trank, director de 'Chronicle', negocia con Sony para encargarse del spin off Venom.

Spider-Man Movie Universe Expanding With "Venom," "Sinister Six" Films I dont know if I should freak out because im scared or excited.

Kaine Parker (Scarlet spider) is a fictional character, a superhero and former supervillain in the Marvel Comics who serves as an ally, an enemy, and a foil of Spider-Man and Ben Reilly. He first appeared in Web of Spider-Man #119, and is the Jackal's first failed attempt at cloning Peter Parker (Spider-Man).

[Hero Suggestion] Scarlet Spider (Kaine) - Complete Skills + Descriptions, Costumes, and More!

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