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Como o discurso pode transformar a sociedade de maneira que, às vezes, não conseguimos tomar consciência? Entenda o conceito de Assujeitamento e, principalmente, que esse conceito pode, também, atingir pessoas esclarecidas, intelectualizadas ou que se dizem livres do senso comum. Assim, provocando cada vez mais maneiras de segregar a sociedade.

o poder da palavra

Fuck Yes Deadpool

Deadpool - "I have been waiting for this like you would not believe, okay. First, we need to kidnap Ryan Reynolds." lol isn't Ryan Renolds playing deadpool in the movie.

Recent work featuring the merc with a mouth. If you are looking at this view then you're...

When I was little kid, my dad got my brother and I model kits of the Thunderbird planes. We also used to watch VHS tapes of their air shows. I included them in this portrait as they mean a lot to me

Deadpool N' Friends #1: Harley Quinn by ~KisaraAcedia on deviantART

Deadpool N' Friends Harley Quinn by ~KisaraAcedia on deviantART~~>This would be an insanely brilliant pairing

Harley Quinn & Deadpool peek-a-boo

The DC and Marvel Universes collide in this Deadpool and Harley Quinn t-shirt by SilverBax. Deadpool is no joke!

Deadpool: Armed & Dangerous - Reilly Brown

Deadpool by Reilly Brown reillybrown: Deadpool: Armed and dangerous. From the final ish of Deadpool: The Gauntlet.