Iron Man Stealth

Retratos minimalistas de los superhéroes más famosos de Marvel

история создания iron man 2

Thanks to our pals at Marvel Comics, we are pleased to present the exclusive debut of the Invincible Iron Man variant cover by none other than Marc Silvestri!


My friend did this in about two hours. I was speechless.

I wish I could say I had done this but sadly, I'm not that awesome., I share the same sentiment as the person who pinned this before me.i shall be practicing my skills - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

#transformer Movie version of Iron Man armor - Mark33 (silver centurion)

#transformer Movie version of Iron Man armor - Mark33 (silver centurion)

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(Mark 41 - Skeleton Suit "Bones Concept art) By: Phil Saunders.


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