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Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot Debuts First 'Wonder Woman' Movie Poster!: Photo Gal Gadot has debuted the first poster for her upcoming movie Wonder Woman! The actress is expected to make an appearance at 2016 Comic-Con this weekend…

Pretty amazing art - DC COMICS by david despau <--- Needs more Wonder Woman:

~ batman wonder woman, & superman, because that's the only semi-decent superheroes DC has. ~ Pretty amazing art - DC COMICS by david despau

Marvel Vs DC: Caracteres equivalentes:

Marvel Vs DC: Equivalent Characters

Funny pictures about Marvel Vs DC: Equivalent Characters. Oh, and cool pics about Marvel Vs DC: Equivalent Characters. Also, Marvel Vs DC: Equivalent Characters photos.

Wonder Woman // “YEAR ONE” part five! The threat is named, and now Wonder Woman and her new allies must rise to meet the coming darkness.

Dawn of Justice by hamletroman on DeviantArt

Dawn of Justice: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The trinity of DC Comic characters


Trinity #12

"DARK DESTINY" part one! Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman must turn to the mystic trinity of Dead Man, Zatanna and John Constantine when Red Hood, Artemis and

El pasado fin de semana con ocasión de la celebración de Halloween ¿Cuántos se han presentado en alguna fiesta con el celebre disfraz de The Flash? Y es que The Flash nunca pasa de moda. Con la siguiente infográfica te proponemos acelerar a través  75 años de trajes de The Flash  desde el origen del superhéroe en …

75 años de trajes de The Flash

Infographic: See THE FLASH's Costume Evolve Over Time — GeekTyrant - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sal

I've had enough of your shit, Green Lantern.

Actual quote from Justice League: War (from the DC Animated Universe). Fantastic movie, and the banter between Green Lantern and Batman is great! (also the animation is closer to that of the New 52 style).

hellyeahsupermanandwonderwoman: “ faustuszero: “ Superman/Wonder Woman cover art by Doug Mahnke. ” This cover is by Ken Lashley. ( possibly a variant) ” Thanks for the correction, DC’s own.

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The Flash by Freddie E. Williams II One of my all time favorite flash images