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Nine superhero pickup lines… my reactions:  Spiderman - Eww, no.   Human Torch - Come back when you become Captain America.   Flash - Run Away. Hulk - Not interested in giant green rage monsters. Iron Man - ...Really?  That's the best you, Tony Stark, could come up with?  I am so disappointed in you. Thor - What?  No Hammer jokes?   Daredevil - I wish I was blind after having to sit through your movie.   Superman - Don't make me use my kryptonite pepper spray.   Batman - ...I'm available.

Nine superhero pickup lines…

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This just goes to show that no matter what appens, NEVER give up..... get up and kick that person's butt

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Justin Van Genderen, Art Deco style poster - Gotham on ArtStack #justin-van-genderen #art

"Gotham City" poster, referencing Batman, part of the series "Comic Book Travel Posters." Concept by Justin Van Genderen.


DC/Marvel Superhero Cityscape Logos by Alex Litovka. I'd love a print of this, as always!

Batman and Green Arrow

True heroes don't need super powers. Batman and Green Arrow. This is one of the main reasons why I love Batman so much!