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This is snip. He's a hunter jumper pony. Would make a WONDERFUL kids show horse. Works well on the flat as well as over fences. Has done a lot of shows and has gone to Pony Nationals.


The Akhal-Teke is also known as the "gift from the desert" and it was bred for its stamina and speed. It was used by Turkmen nomads. The Akhal-Teke can withstand conditions and certain situations such as going long periods of time without food and water u

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1999 H sooty metallic Morgan stallion, Ranchboss Cortez from Australia. Contact Wilga Park or the Morgan Horse Association of Australia.

Just The Right Horse American Saddlebred Farm

Tovero (tobiano + overo) American Saddlebred Stallion--CA PARA DICE NITE. Toveros present tobiano marks with the white faces typical of overos.