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The Permaculture movement has grown from thinking at the Connection-Based Terrain Of Consciousness (Circle).

Regrow Your Vegetables from Kitchen Scraps - After your meal, don’t throw out the leftover vegetable scraps! You can regrow so many different vegetables by sticking the bottom end of them into a well-prepared patch of good soil and making sure their bed is kept moist. Surprisingly easy!  You can find detailed instructions on how to regrow your own vegetables here!

Grow plants from kitchen scraps. This is neat have pineapple growing, romain lettuce growing and celery growing!

Permaculture zones - a great summary!

What a great illustration of how zones work in a permaculture system. Some great permaculture posters linked to in this post - including zebras in zone How cool.

I have many friends..but only a few chosen close ones :) Beautiful quote!

Close friends are truly life's treasures. Sometimes they know is better than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us, to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone.

Refuse to lower your standards. Yes!!

Refuse to lower your standards to accommodate those who refuse to raise theirs ~ Mandy Hale

Permaculture in Pots - Ebook Edition

A new urban permaculture book to get you growing food month-by-month on your balcony or in your back yard.

Difference between organic and permaculture gardening  http://www.permaculturevisions.com/what-is-permaculture-2/905-2/the-difference-between-organic-gardening-and-permaculture/

Difference Between Organic Gardening and Permaculture - Permaculture Visions Online Institute

  Amen, in Jesus name I accept my blessings of desires in abundance of immeasurable proportion, I accept salvation by confessing with my mouth that you my Lord Jesus, King of kings are my Lord and Savior, my God, because of you father everything I speak comes to fruition commanded by the Holy Ghost, through the everlasting love of Jesus Christ, embraced in Gods mercy and grace. Amen...  Lisa Christiansen, child of the one true king ΙΧΘΥΣ

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law of attraction, focus, believe, positivity, karma. Join in The Karma Project at http://buttercupink.blogspot.com.au/

law of attraction, focus, believe, positivity, karma. Join in The Karma Project at http://buttercupink.blogspot.com.au/


Afristar Permaculture Posters - Milkwood - Real Skills for Down to Earth LivingMilkwood – Real Skills for Down to Earth Living

How to Build a Permaculture Swale Garden Bed~ Grow more food using less water! www.growforagecookferment.com

How to Build a Permaculture Swale Planting Bed