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Außenpool Griechenland

The Mirage House in Greece by Kios Associated Architects is a subterranean home built into the hillside with a giant rimless swimming pool as the roof.

Sunray Kelley, Natural Builder.  I have the pleasure of living in the community he built.  You can check out some of the projects at http://www.sunraykelley.com

A true natural builder before "natural building" hit the scene, SunRay Kelley is a legend.

beyond beautiful!

Awesome Tree House, Very Hobbit Like! Tree House, Novosibirsk, Russia photo via wordup

love this one too

Trapper´s cabin near Bennett, Chilkoot Pass, Chilkoot Trail, Yukon Territory

This cute Cottage Looks like something out of a fairytale

The Elf House ❤❦♪♫ -A beautiful architectural gem in the world of miniatures.

"All building was natural building a hundred years ago. So it's not that far back. In order to go forward we have to go backward... We want to return to a cooperation with nature", SunRay Kelley. Visit www.naturalhomes.org to watch the video where Sun Ray takes you on a tour of the beautiful homes he has built.

faerie house for humans VIDEO: SunRay Kelleys Nature Inspired Tiny Homes Photo

18 Secret Ideas To Plan Your Hidden Garden!

18 Secret Ideas To Plan Your Hidden Garden

Fairy Tale House Sheds - Dan Pauly makes them entirely out of reclaimed wood. They can be used as garden sheds, saunas, guest cottages, artist studios and play houses for kids. Aren't they darling?

Houseboat, I would LOVE one of these  -  To connect with us, and our community of people from Australia and around the world, learning how to live large in small places, visit us at www.Facebook.com/TinyHousesAustralia or at www.tumblr.com/blog/tinyhousesaustralia  .

Once upon a time I lived in a houseboat. However, this is a dream/fantasy houseboat!

New vlog will be up tomorrow featuring this cabin. Stay tuned stay stoked by andrewtkearns

The rustic Sheepherder's Wagons of Montana are tiny houses for the lone cowboy!

Roger Wade studio - that's why I want a small trailer. for my studio

The Kimberly Wood Stove - 40,000 BTU, 10" diameter, 6" clearance; can burn a variety of fuels; can burn 8+ hours on one, 10" long log...  12+ hours on a lower setting with 1 pound of charcoal!

This is a Kimberly stove, developed in the US for use in camper vans, boats and Yurts. It has a really small foot print, so you can squeeze it anywhere and it's super cool looking. What's a Yurt?

Bring the Shire to your backyard with this real life Hobbit Hole. Repinned From: Tara Powell, House O' Dreams Board Source: High Life Treehouses

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Bring the Shire to your backyard with this real life Hobbit Hole. Repinned From: Tara Powell, House O' Dreams Board Source: High Life Treehouses

Woodif Co Photo - Keukenhof Gardens in Keukenhof, Netherlands 068156634268172


beautiful tree house/small home. I would want to enclose the staircase to lead to bedrooms. The lower level would be the common design