Daisuga is just too adorable. << screaming omg

Daisuga Haikyuu Credits to the artist


Now is not the time Suga XD

oh stop it u adorable muffins

DAISUGA WEEK DAY 2 – confession crossover and then like five entire seconds of awkward silence as they both try to decide if they should even mention it

LOL #haikyuu #HQ #Karasuno

looks like tanaka is sucking the banana omg

Daichi x Sugawara | DaiSuga | Haikyū!!

Ashton and Cain

Omg I bet both were planning to confess then that is so cute

Kagehina ~ "I love his smile"-Hinata "He's my dumbass"- Kageyama . AS IF he loves his smile, he looks like a murderer when he does

I remember when they did something similar to this in the anime. But this is hilarious.

Possessive/Daichi x Sugawara/ Haikyuu!


I- my fucking god- um-

sawamura daichi, sugawara koushi, daisuga, haikyuu!!

Sugamama and Dadchi