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The Key in the Hand, [The 56th International Art Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia, Venice / Italy]photo by Sunhi Mang

Chiharu Shiota: The Key in the Hand, The International Art Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia, Venice / Italy] photo by Sunhi Mang

Anish Kapoor. Red wax pellets are fired from a special canon into a corner of the gallery space while spectators watch

Shooting into the Corner, © Anish Kapoor / VG Bildkunst, Bonn, 2013

veryprivateart:  Artist: Chiharu Shiota. The Key in the Hand...

The Key in the Hand, red wool, old boats, old keys. All photos by Sunhi Mang. The 2015 Venice Art Biennale is home to Chiharu Shiota‘s ‘The Key in the Hand,’ an elaborate entanglement of red woo

DENADA - Yarn installation by Chiharu Shiota

A world-first in virtual reality, Philip Glass Ensemble performs, and the return of Back to Back Theatre.

Chiharu SHIOTA

Letters of Thanks, the Museum of Art, Kochi, Kochi / Japan, 2013

Internationally acclaimed artist Chiharu Shiota has transformed the TWMA Vista Walk with an elaborate new installation. A double bass has been cocooned within an intricate and dense web of black yarn which then proliferates in countless layers throughout the space. As the artist describes, the labour intensive experience of creating these complex networks of thread is a means of giving physical presence to her own emotional states: “The threads are interwoven into each other. Get entangled.

Chiharu Shiota State of Being 2012 Installation view TarraWarra Museum of Art Double bass, violin and black wool Photography: John Brash © Chiharu Shiot

japan pavillon Venice Art Biennale 2015

japan pavillon Venice Art Biennale 2015

Chiharu Shiota

Chiharu Shiota

Irina Nakhova, 'The Green Pavilion,' 2015, 56th Venice Biennale

Irina Nakhova, 'The Green Pavilion,' Venice Biennale

Chiharu Shiota at Galerie Daniel Templon / The Armory Show.

artruby: “ Chiharu Shiota at Galerie Daniel Templon / The Armory Show.

Chiharu+Shiota:+ ‘Uncertain+Journey’

Chiharu Shiota: ‘Uncertain Journey’

Chiharu Shiota - Uncertain Journey - at Blain Southern.

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56 biennale venice 2015 Chiharu Shiota installation  key

Supersonic Art: Chiharu Shiota’s “The Key In The Hand.

Unbelievable sculptures that can only be viewed from certain angles in a mirror.

Funny pictures about Unbelievable Sculptures. Oh, and cool pics about Unbelievable Sculptures. Also, Unbelievable Sculptures.

Chiharu Shiota, The Key in the Hand at the Japanese Pavilion

Chiharu Shiota at the Japanese Pavilion. 2015 Venice Biennale