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(Somewhere in his tortured blue eyes I can see the boy with the bread fighting his way back to me) -Katniss

I'm not ready for this!!

this is going to be sooo sad in the movie! for those of you who didn't read the books. you are going to cry harder than us people who know whats coming!

This was only in the movie! In the book Finnick had to go save his butt because PEETA CANNOT SWIM! LIKE HELLO? PEETA HAS A FAKE LEG! DID YOU EVER READ THIS BOOK?¿?¿<<<THIS!!!!!!

This scene actually happened in the movie only not in the Book . However in the book Peter was not weak either . He seriously would do anything for Katniss. And if he were weak he wouldn't survive Book 3 .

I am NOT crying.....*crawls to a corner while sobbing violently*

The memory book! Makes me want to cry seeing that they have to write stuff about everyone who is dead. Prim Finnick cinna rue Boggs:( Super excited 4 the movie!

This extremely sad. It's okay, I didn't needy heart anyway

The Reaping: Mr Mellark’s POV. Mellark as a character, but I never thought about this crucial moment from his point of view.

The hunger games

Only one person will be damaged beyond repair if Peeta dies. And of course the whole THG fandom!