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Oh my God XD

My brother made a song for this since the episode where everyone thought that he died

Watching the Dead, White,  Blue marathon.

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: When I say I am busy, what I really mean is that I'm staying home, bra-less, pants-less and watching The Walking Dead

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Sundays without The Walking Dead

Sundays without The Walking Dead// Bless the fact that Game of Thrones takes over right when TWD ends or id be lost

And award for the worst parenting skills goes to....

Stupid Lori and that Damn Kid

Big bang theory and Walking dead - glen is Sheldon's old roommate! DANG the plot thickens. Mind=blown - My two favorite shows!

Only Daryl can pull off being the guy wearing his own face on a t-shirt

It's Norman Reedus, wearing a shirt of himself in character as Daryl Dixon. Haha this is awesome :D