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Loba was starving on the streets and close to dying when she was found on the streets of Buenos Aires, but she made an astonishing recovery despite her gruesome injuries.

gruesome pics but beautiful story of hope!Loba is recovering from a horrific time on the streets of Argentina

Funny pictures about Puppy found in combat. Oh, and cool pics about Puppy found in combat. Also, Puppy found in combat.

Makes total sense. Makes for total cuteness too...

Makes total sense. Makes for total cuteness too.

Top 16 pet miracle stories

Amazing tales of heroism and fearlessness, here are our top 16 favourite pet miracle stories.

Please Share--23 Hoarder Dogs with Mange/Infections | Medical Expenses - YouCaring.com

"Heaven" one of 23 horribly neglected dogs rescued in Kentucky, from an animal hoarder. The dogs were living in a trailor, knee deep in dog feces. Can you guess from looking at this poor baby, it's a Beagle?

19 Animals Being Publicly Shamed For Doing Terrible Things

19 Animals Being Publicly Shamed For Doing Terrible Things

Sneaky #Cat Steals Food From #Dog - #funny

Adorable video of a cat pretending to sleep and steals food from the dog.

UNE MÈRE HÉROÏQUE. Lors d’un incendie, une chienne a risqué sa vie pour sauver ses 6 chiots en faisant des aller-retour dans la fumée et le feu pour les mettre en sécurité dans l’endroit le plus sûr qu’elle ait pu trouver : un camion de pompiers ! Personne n'a pu l’arrêter... les pompiers ont essayé de garder un jet d’eau sur elle. Après les avoir tous sauvés, elle s’assit à côté d’eux en les protégeant de son corps. Un chiot est traité pour de graves brûlures mais toute la famille est sauve…

Animals are so cool-A heroic mother dog saved her ten-day-old puppies from a house fire in Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile. Via The Daily Mail (photo: J.

Cats on sheep? How about a rat on a cat on a dog? http://ift.tt/2zqtpu8 cute puppies cats animals

Down, canine! There’s nothing a cat can’t bring under control with a good kitty swipe. Or unbearable cuteness. Really, cats just wield this weird invisible hold over everyone. Even dogs. Especially dogs. All hail kitty.

Guitar loving Doggie. #video  http://www.dogvideooftheweek.com/videos/view/3327  #‎dvotw

Sweet Golden Retriever puppy does the most adorable thing when Dad plays guitar (VIDEO)

Image: Ben and Jade lived as strays in Terre Haute, Ind., before the Terre Haute Humane Society brought them in once Jade became pregnant.

Dog travels 10 miles in cold to reunite with his love

Adopted dog treks 10 miles in freezing cold back to shelter to be with his beloved mate

Service dog stays with girl during surgery

Service dog stays with girl during surgery

Little angel: Rescue dog helps doctors monitor girl during surgery. While waiting to be wheeled into a cystoscopy procedure at Duke University Hospital in Durham, North Carolina, Kaelyn "KK" Krawczyk, wait.