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50 Simple, Old-Fashioned Ways to Make Doing Laundry Easier

50 Simple, Old-Fashioned Laundry Solutions

I seldom used a dryer except in the winter...the clothes smelled so sweet and fresh on the line; especially the sheets. Mmmm!

17 Things Our Grandparents Did When “Green” Was Just A Color. This made me want to hang a clothesline. I can still remember the smell of my sheets my mom would hang dry outside, and it is such a great smell! Why don't I use a clothesline?

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Reminds me of wash day at my mamaws. My mom, aunt and all us cousins out back with the wringer washer.

wind-blown laundry. I remember helping my mom with laundry when I was little. I loved the smell of line dried clothes and sheets.  I still hang some things out

I can still smell our laundry hanging in the sunshine, bleached white, with blueing added for extra whiteness. I hear the squeak of the clothesline reel, the fluttering of the clothes in the breeze. Laundry was an all-day event. Ironing was on Tuesday.