Fitting Rooibos muslin.

Making your muslin - (Colette Rooibos dress specific) - Colletterie/Colette Patterns

Sewing a muslin is a great way to test out the construction and fit of a sewing pattern without the risk of wasting good fabric and a lot of time on a garment you ultimately aren’t pleased with. Learning how to fit a muslin is an invaluable skill if you enjoy garment sewing.

How to Fit a Muslin: Tips for Perfect Fit

Making a muslin draft

how to make a muslin

When we released the Fairy Tale Dress sewing pattern a few weeks ago we recommended that you make a muslin to test the fit before sewing up the pattern. This dress is a more fitted pattern than our other styles,

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3 Part Series on Interfacing (Fusible, Woven vs. Non-Woven, Sew-in)   Really good information.

What is fusible interfacing? Fusible interfacing has glue on one (or sometimes both) sides that is activated with a hot iron and allows to adhere directly to the fabric. The glue side is either shi…

Tutorial: Make a muslin to test the fit of a garment pattern

Tutorial: Make a muslin to test the fit of a garment pattern

simple pattern grading for tops.

easy pattern grading - the "quick and dirty" method

megan nielsen design diary: easy pattern grading – the “quick and dirty” method