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Gone Riding

This is my time # equestrian time


Road rash, cracked ribs, relocated shoulder, and all!


A funny cycling picture that says "Life is short. Buy the damn bicycle!

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I have a goal to ride my bike to work miles each way) at least 2 days a week this year. (Me too, exactly!

Positive thinking !

This Bike is Powered by Positive Thinking. That helps. So do muscles.

°˚☺/˚° Bike: vélo Uuuuch.

I am officially adopting this mantra.

ciclistapazzo: “I am officially adopting this mantra. bikemech: “ Good motto for life. At least for me, I find I can solve the worlds issues, bring peace to my mind, and spark joy in my heart upon my bicycle.

En zo is het :)

You can't buy happiness but you can buy a bike and that's pretty close Buy A Bike © Henrik Nilsson

You can't be sad while riding a bike! We agree! #cyclingquotes #quotes Do you fitness motivation? Click here http://lifenrich.co/product/lifenrich-joint-guard

'You can't be sad while riding a bike' - sounds more rhythmic Totally true!

Actually, I need therapy, too, but cycling is my go-to for pretty much everything!

Need to replace cycling with GYM