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Here is beautiful coffee art. Coffee Lovers what do you think this is portraying? I believe it to be a Coffee Angel carrying a heart for the love of coffee.

International Coffee Day - 29 September 2015 - Writers Write

6 Coffee questions you are too afraid to ask at a coffee shop - from I Love Coffee LOL. I'm a coffee idiot, and always wonder about stuff like this.

Cafe con arte! - Taringa!

Cafe con arte!

Coffee Art I can do this! :D Tanna Coffee appreciates all forms of Latte art/ coffee art and we use it for our own inspiration here in the factory where you can see the coffee roasted and freshly made by our skilled baristas.

Diseño e imaginación en los cafés

Diseño e imaginación en los cafés..

Latte Art is a method of preparing coffee created by pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso and resulting in a pattern or design .

.... a flower... a butterfly... not sure... but cool art café

Butterfly Latte Art ~ when you see a Butterfly think of me~ How you enjoyed your coffee.