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Look at the Larry action and then Zayn being nice to the crowd and then Liam being awkward and cute and Niall no where to be found

Harry, Zayn, and Liam are like exactly the same in every one and Lou and Niall are like "whatevs" in their own world

One Direction hehehe! Reminds me of old times!:)was somebody taking pictures if their every move. And it reminds me if old times too!

(5) Twitter

(5) Twitter

This is fetus! But about the most hilarious thing I've ever seen- One Direction

oh my gosh this is so funny ahahahahhahaahaaha poor kevin

Louis and Harry AKA  LARRYYYY

"Is that… Marcel Styles? He’s got a boyfriend now." "Is that the guy standing next to him? That’s Louis. Don’t say a word to Marcel or he will fuck you up.