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Ken Kesey’s Magic Trip Bus

It's hard to think that Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters trip aboard Further took place back in They carried the Timothy Leary-Richard Alpert LSD message across the country in a legendary mission recorded in Tom Wolfe's "Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.

Ken Kesey, Further, and the Merry Prankster had such a simple idea, get a bus, paint it, and travel across the United States. Although, if you have read about the trip, it didn't seem like alot of fun at some times.  It was more of the idea of what they did that has inspired my writing, and shaped my view of impacting culture.

Ken Kesey, Further, and the Merry Prankster had such a simple idea, get a bus…

Janis Joplin

In Janis Joplin bought a used white 1965 Porsche cabriolet. Band roadie/artist Dave Richards took her ideas, created and painted Janis’ psychedelic Porsche. Photographed in front of San Francisco's Palace of FIne Arts by the late great Jim Marshall.


The bus called "further" held Ken Kesey and His Merry Band of Pranksters, inventors of the acid test. A young band called the Warlocks would supply the music.later they would be known as the Grateful Dead. Photo Via American Hippie Wanderlust

Hippy van

I wonder if the guy who rides a loaded down motorcycle like this in Okinawa would like to trade it in!

Given the conditions at the festival and the drug use (and reports of sex out in the open) it doesn’t seem like a place most people would want to take their kids, at least by today’s standards. But parents of this period wanted their kids to experience a the gathering of peace and love, and let’s face it they probably didn’t want to miss out on seeing the amazing bands.

Woodstock 1969 Photos from LIFE Magazine The most famous rock festival ever was Woodstock, held in August 1969 on a farm town in Bethel, NY, USA.

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Love bus....

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Iran before the islamic revolution! just so you know =P

Just Iran Old Days..