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Humpback Whale: Description: Although humpback whales can swim to any coastline in the United States, only Hawaii and Alaska have large populations of humpback whales appearing regularly each year.

Humpback Whale Lobtailing

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Syracuse researchers say the clock-like sounds created by whales may also serve as a dinner bell of sorts for other nearby whales during late-night feedings.

Humpback whales sing for their supper

Humpback whales sing for their supper: Researchers find 'tick tock' sound used to lure fish from the bottom of the ocean

breaching sperm whale (photograph by tim melling)

The Whale And Dolphin People Project - Meet Some Of The Sea People

Breaching Humpback..By far one of the coolest things I have ever been able to see.  Nothing like seeing this huge creature breach for what appears to be the pleasure of playing.

The Giant Whales of Samana, Dominican Republic- Humpback Whale

unkysafari: breaching humpback whale, alaska by Joe Dsilva Source: funkysafari


Awesome pic of a humpback whale in Hawaii! Let's remember why we are choosing natural products.

Pouca gente em Moçambique sabe que o Canal de Moçambique faz parte de uma imemorial rota para baleias que há milhões de anos habitam aquela parte do mundo, migrando anualmente entre as águas junto da Antártida, a Sul do Continente Africano, entre Dezembro e Março, e as zonas ao longo do Canal de Moçambique até latitudes acima de Inhambane ( um estudo adivinha que até às Comoros) quando chega o tempo frio (Junho-Setembro).

Blue Whale :The world´s biggest animal // Ballena azul : Animal más grande del mundo.

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Whale watching in August with Captain John out of Plymouth, Massachusetts

Imagen: Ballenas en su habitat natural (© Masa Ushioda/SplashdownDirec/Rex Features)

A humpback whale enjoying the warm waters of Hawaii

Image from http://media1.s-nbcnews.com/j/MSNBC/Components/Photo/_new/091216-tech-blue%20whale.grid-6x2.jpg.

About Whales, Whale Watching in Dana Point, Orange County, California

Humpback Whale Lobtailing

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Humpback whales are back in NYC!

A humpback whale breaches in the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, off the coast of California

Whale Watching from SF. humpback whale at Farallon Islands.Michael Grebanier

Whale Watching from SF. humpback whale at Farallon Islands.

humpback whales

Whales - gentle giants of the ocean

Breaching humpback by Robert Basha on 500px

Breaching humpback by Robert Basha on