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Dentists and dental hygienists in Calgary, Alberta, say they are seeing rampant caries in children's teeth following a decision to remove fluoride from the Canadian city's water supply three years ago.

Bad breath is something that we all have experienced in our lives and all hope to never have again. If you think you are immune to the curse of halitosis (bad


Red, white, and blue centerpiece

A few drops of blue food coloring per gallon of water has inhibited algae growth in our water bottles.

diffusion of freezing liquid with oxygen  -Thomas-

Dyeing Flowers with Food Coloring Tutorial - Dream a Little Bigger

Foods for Healthy Skin - Teas, Yogurts, Nuts & More

The 12 Best Foods for Healthy Skin

A compound found in green tea may trigger a cycle that kills oral cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone

The Alien Egg Experiment- This video explains the whole Naked Egg experiment I've seen on know where you dissolve the egg's shell in vinegar?  So watch this and then go and experiment with your own egg :)

The Alien Egg Experiment Hank brings us another simple experiment that demonstrates the important biochemical process of osmosis by turning a chicken egg into a frightening alien-looking thing.

crazy ideas that are too awesome

crazy ideas that are too awesome. my mom's microwave has a mute button.but otherwise yes these all need to happen

My Cup Runneth Down - example of Rayleigh Taylor instability

Hot Little Mysterious Molecules Moving Around - Chloe.

For the sake of women everywhere, let's all vow to retire these sayings that only put us down and make us feel bad. -

15 Words and Phrases We Need to Stop Saying

Solutions to stinky body parts are often very simple. Get help for all kinds of unpleasant body odors, from smelly feet to stinky armpits to bad breath.

How E-cigarettes Impact Our Oral Health

With the recent popularity of the recreational use of e-cigarettes and hookah pens as a “healthier” decision to traditional cigarettes, consumers are falsely

Diffusion with Cold and Hot temperatures -Christian P.

Diffusion mental model on Scratch by Christian_P

People gargle mouthwash thinking it will get rid of bad breath, but that is the minty liquid’s least effective function.

There is More to Your Mouthwash than a Minty Taste

Pigeon Forge Winter Bucket List: Things to do in Tennessee Before Spring

"One bad apple spoils the bunch," may be a cliche, but it's true — especially if that bad apple is a metaphor for your poor attitude. Whether you're a true pessimist or just in a funk, attitude changes will improve your relationship with both your pa…

Toddler Science: Celery Experiment, Learn about Plants and How They Absorb Water in This Science Project for Kids

Sequencing w/ science for Toddlers. Sequence board on how celery absorbs water. For older toddlers/pre-school/kindergarten