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Funny pictures about Robert Downey Jr. Oh, and cool pics about Robert Downey Jr. Also, Robert Downey Jr.

Robert downey jr talks pokemon, donuts, drugs and WEAPON OF MASS SEDUCTION!

Robert downey jr is freaking awesome! ______________________ This man. This man

You Just Gotta Love Robert Downey Jr…

Is Robert Downey Jr. playing Tony Stark, or is Tony Stark playing Robert Downey Jr.

it gets me everytime

You don't feel the feels of the 'Anakin vs Obi-wan' fight scene if u haven't seen the clone wars

Hahahaa thank you Tony.

Tony Stark on when life hands you lemons: "I don't like being handed things.

Natasha: Steve, you're wearing this. *hands him the hat* | Steve: Won't this be a little obvious? | Natasha: Nah, people are idiots. They don't notice these things. Trust me, it'll be hilarious.

Awesome Tumblr 1223

I was watching it earlier just to see and he's just wearing a regular hat.<<thats the hat stan lee wore in age of ultron

Pretty much all of them except iron man wear skintight outfits. and hulk.////hahah the hulk! why is the idea of the hulk in a skin tight outfit so hilarious?

I never saw that coming

On a scale of Moses to Loki, how well do you handle being adopted? Comparisons between The Prince of Egypt and Loki from Thor.

Oh I love they behave in real life like they did in the movie

RDJ is Iron Man. I would seriously hate to see someone else as iron man, cause rdj just is iron man now. 4 movies plus a cameo. He is iron man. He is hilarious, & sexy. He's god.

hilarious avengers memes

Mormon Memes from the Avengers

Is it sad that I know that Hulks pants were made by Mr.Fantastic (Fantasic Four) and made of the same thing their suits are made of so just like Mr.Fantastic Suit streches when he does so does Hulks pants. I like marvel >_>

How is it humanly possible to not only haven't heard of the Marvel fandom but be on tumblr and not know the Marvel fandom?

Stark Spangled Banner / Seriously, how do you not know this fandom? The only fandoms more insane than us are sherlock and supernatural<--I'm in all of these<--- me too!<<< MARVEL IS MY FLIPPING LIFE

Haha that's right!

Who are these people watching it for Loki? Thor or Loki? And they choose Loki?

Star Wars and Marvel on Twitter. So cool! Love the Star Wars comment about Wolverine! :D

My geeky heart cannot handle all this geeky awesomeness<<<< This is the most amazing thing that I've ever saw