I threw a hat at my TV, especially with Bobby and Charlie

Some deaths I just can't forgive, Supernatural writers -- especially Charlie. her death will never be forgiven.

They are the grown up version of Prince Charming.

Hahahaha no I'd always pick those three over a Disney prince any day no matter how old I am

Young Supernatural || Jensen Ackles || Jared Padalecki || Misha Collins || Mark Sheppard. Yeah... science

So young! Misha and Jensen actually have similar face shapes. The sort of two bumps on their mandible and smooth jaw line. And prominent cheek bones. Then also, Mark and Jareds are similar as well, smooth sort of rounded. With a petit nose!

But today is not that day. 100% Fan Service.

I'm just imagining this with Cas oh God <<<< Fifty Shades of Destiel xD DomDean!