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One Direction

One Direction.yes I love them so what. Their music is catchy and sweet. I still love NSYNC too. I also love the WANTED

Hey dr suede said something about finding someone as weird as we are then falling in mutual weirdness and calling it love sooooo I do believe they r compatible with my weirdness :D

i had an amazing dream last night where we become great friends Then i woke up :(

totally agreed Directioners are the fans that love EVERYONE connected to the boys <3

It's true!:) we don't just love the boys we love the family's friends girlfriends and anything related

One Dorection <3

Macy's commercial for "Our Moment". I freaked out and told my dad there was a one direction commercial on.

When Zayn is luckier than you because he gets to hold a pear phone

Hahaha best iCarly show ever!<<<< *Nialls accent* "Does it involve the butter sock" lol I'm dieing Niall!