happy sherlock fandom series 4 <--- What do you mean, "happy"? I'm scared someone will ACTUALLY die in Series I'm so scared for Mary! But other than that, I do want Series 4 really soon!


Pretty much, hahaha!The first time he spoke,you mean <--- Yeah, the first time he speaks is killer. <---- This is my reaction EVERY time I watch Sherlock.


Exactly how it went down when my friend fell in love with Sherlock. And a different friend didn't love Doctor Who.<----- I usually end up forcing people to try again, because they only watch the first couple episodes of Doctor Who.

Ooooh this is good. It's like Christmas!!! Benedict Sherlock

Every Minute That Passes Brings Us That Much Closer To Season Four of Sherlock - Fandom: Oh That's Good!

Теперь люблю его еще больше!

Benedict Cumberbatch wearing the "This is what a feminist looks like" tshirt for Elle UK. The fact that he's a feminist makes me love him even more!


Like father, like son. I absolutely love that they had Benedict's real parents be Sherlock's parents in the show. Ben and his dad have the same smile!

its on Netflix! just watch it!

My life. And Doctor Who. BBC is beginning to control my life.

Sherlock Loki crossover that actually makes awesome sense!

Sherlock makes a friend, Loki makes an overture, Molly has a singular taste and John contemplates an intervention. But would Sherlock talk Loki out of murder?

I love this

So Sherlock Holmes calls his bed Benedict's Slumberpatch? The Sherlock fandom keeps getting more insane.


this is so true to life. it only takes the first 30 minutes of teh first episode to be obssesed :)

Both is good.

yep pretty sure that's how I feel about Sherlock / Benedict Cumberbatch

There are lots of Arthur Conan Doyle Easter Eggs sprinkled throughout Sherlock.

15 Sherlock Easter Eggs Straight From Arthur Conan Doyle

He made soooo many references, and should, and I think the most obvious is "a study in pink" vs. "A study in scarlet". Also one of the original quotes is "it is quite a three pipe problem.