We feel ya, Martin

Every time I watch it, I feel his pain. It hurts me to watch it.

sherlock confessions - My personal headcannon is the way Sherlock and Mycroft present themselves in public is just a ruse.

Headcanon about caring.

Yes!  Seeing him trying to be kind, and then his reaction to her screaming, was just so heart breaking.

She started screaming and I was like "No, Moriarty, I hate you so much!" but have you seen how two of the assassins look quite live Sherlock and John? I am wondering weather that is why she screamed.

sherlock confessions

One of the under-appreciated Sherlock characters.

Tumblr Reacts To "Sherlock's" "The Sign Of Three"

Tumblr Reacts To "Sherlock's" "The Sign Of Three"

gif set of moments when john makes sherlock smile just by being himself :)

Gif John makes Sherlock smile by being himself.

Sherlock season 3.3 even though I hated this beginning with a passion who could resist his face?

Mean sherlock bad sherlock.

Imagen de sherlock

Suffice it to say.I think they need to end it & leave well enough alone. It wrapped things up nicely enough to have been the last season.<<<ARE YOU INSANE NO SEASON FIVE

If you pay close attention Sherlock only smiles when he is around John and Ms. Hudson. And I don't count the smirks he does while deducing. Those aren't smiles. I mean full on smiles. Come to think of it the one that gets me is the smile when he is thinking about saving Irene...

You always look like you know the punchline to a joke you aren't telling the rest of us.

Johnlock shippers!!!! Notice how Sherlock only seems to say that he is married to his work, not denying if he is gay. HE LOVES JAWN!!!!

I love how quickly and awkwardly this goes by. & just the fact Sherlock had to think of how to gently let John down and the fact that he bothered to do it gently.

now cue the t-shirts, internet it's time to do your thing <--- Already available from bbc shop!!

Kinda spoiler and I apologise.now cue the t-shirts, internet it's time to do your thing

Sherlock Confessions

They even put Moriarty's face on Frankland when Sherlock was being affected by the gas as if the parallel wasn't strong enough!

No we all love a good mystery that keeps us waiting for a new season even if it drives us mad and not just a little

I don't remember the name of the episode dammit!, but the one where Sherlock starts doing drugs again and is in that drug place, that billy guy that they took home I think that's the other brother!>>> THE THIRD BROTHER IS RUMORED TO BE IN SEASON 4

Sherlock and John

"I'm seriously fighting the urge to steal an ashtray.

The universe is rarely so lazy. Especially the Sherlock universe. Everything connects to something. It's an intricate web of tiny details.