RDJ & BC This photo set brings together my two great loves. Pretty sure I can die happy now.

Robert Downey Jr and Benedict Cumberbatch. Sherlock times two!<<<It's Sherlock squared

Can we just talk about how cute, funny and perfect Benedict face is?

"I love how flexible his face is and how he just completely commits to the part and makes insane faces all the time. so many actors would be too worried about whether they looked handsome or silly.<< Yet he looks amazing with any face!

I love what you're doing with your face. Never change you sweet soul......BWAHAHAHAHA lol gotta love the funny face making dorkybatch xD

Never change you sweet soul.BWAHAHAHAHA lol gotta love the funny face making dorkybatch xD if I ever meet him, this is the picture I want him to sign.

I don't care if I have already pinned this. His face is too perfect not to do it again. Now, please excuse me as I try not to laugh too hard.

Can't stop laughing! Sherlock's face at the end XD --- John-Who was that Sherlock? Sherlock - I believe it was a wrong number.

The many faces of cumberbatch lol

Which batch is best? Ginger and Brunette are the best I think. But let's be honest it's Ben Cumberbatch he looks sexy no matter what his hair looks like