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Cheekbone shot!

Men who wear suits frequently unbutton and button them fluidly.before sitting down or standing up.Sherlock, I deduce that you wear suits frequently.

Benedict ~ Sherlock BBC.

ELLE's TV Awards - Our very own office awards featuring Ruby Tandoh, Benedict Cumberbatch, Breaking Bad and more.

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tiiaohman: Setlock | London 21.8.2013 | A Happybatch

Benedict Cumberbatch filming Sherlock season 3 in London. The whole hobo thing is killing me.


Cruisin' down the street with my friend John, lookin' for murders, solvin' some…

The slight smile at the end just gets me (>~<)

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Sherlock Meets The Queen: Benedict Cumberbatch Receiving CBE Looks Oddly Familiar&hellip;

Sherlock looking at John

Trouble I'm In.

Ben as Sherlock kills me. and then there are these Johnlock things that rip my heart out of my chest and leave me hanging

Benedict Cumberbatch

31 Reasons We're Addicted To Benedict Cumberbatch

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