Oh Lassiter :)

I found that remark a bit uncalled for, because it's a stereotype and not ALL 8 year old girls wanted a pony. I sure as hell didn't. <--judgments like this I blame on a literary college education.


I'm not just a cinnamon enthusiast. I'm also psychic detective. Gus and Shawn.

Shawn takes a shot in the dark. My edit.

Shawn takes a shot in the dark. My edit. <<< (Not mine, the previous pinner's.

I started tearing up at this part but the waterworks only started when we found out Gus was watching the video

Oh my god. When this happened I was so touched and so sad, I was actually crying, real tears down my face. I had always loved their relationship and Lassie just pouring his heart out to Jules was so raw and perfect.

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Shawn and Jules Psych. This absolutely made the last episode. This made me cry.

Shawn Spencer - favorite show of all time!!!

I will politely decline. Oh Sean, how I love your witty comments! I love them sooo much, that I have created a board just for psych!