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quoting Marry Poppins

The Doctor quoted Mary Poppins! *Add to list of awesome things I never knewI didn't know! Wait, the Doctor has quoted Mary Poppins before. This means that theDoctor must be Mary Poppins!

Class | Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart - Matteusz & Charlie

Class | Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart - Matteusz & Charlie

Class | For Tonight we Might Die - Charlie & Matteusz

Mildly jealous charlie is amazing

David Tennant wins at facial expressions. David Tennant wins at everything

Doctor Who in a nutshell. Doctor Who. The facial expressions of this kills me. <---- all of his facial excpressions (and just his face in general) kill me!

BBC Class | Nightvisiting - Miss Quill & Charlie

MY FAVOURITE PART"yo person who cares for me my boyfriend lives with us now""yeah yeah just shut up"

Difference in the Avengers

Professionals in real life / Assassins in Avengers. Frat Buds in real life / The muscles in Avengers. Children in real life / Science bros in Avengers.

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Class: Ep 6 “Detained” Gallery | Doctor Who TV

Stills of - Matteusz is shown a whole different Charlie, how will that go?