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I do the same thing tho notifications are literally satan

I could never see Phil's phone in real life I can't Stand the bubbles I would have to go through them or I would through the phone<<< Phil's phone looks like mine with all the notification bubbles.

I love how the phandom loves dan, but constantly makes fun of him

I love how the phandom loves dan, but constantly makes fun of him<< and then there like, "Phil! The human ray of sunshine!" Witch isn't a lie tho

this liveshow though

But it's not a pun though? >> it is, camouflage is ment to hide whoever is wearing it or blend them into the surroundings (mainly for war) so its a meme sort of thing

DAN HOWELL XD - image #3068141 by helena888 on Favim.com

And I`m not on my laptop. (side note: Last night I changed lots of my boards and Dan and Phil are on almost EVERY board I have XD when did I become such trash?) <<< You Always Have Been and will FOREVER Be Phan Trash

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Phan Shippers

Phil doesn't get enough credit for how amazing he really is. People don't usually realize that without Phil, there would be no Dan<<<yep, he is just too amazing<<<< he's amazing.<<<<<my superheros dont wesr capes they wear cat whiskers

No of course I'm not crying, what are you talking about.... But this is really sweet

AmazingPhil (yes that's a fandom, quiet down.) >>> This is why I love Phil so much. He actually cares about people, and he genuinly loves them.