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The fucking "this is why Phil wears button ups" I'm dead  MAH SHIPPER HEART YESS

Or he just didn't want people just talking about a stupid mark on his neck and just wanted them to pay attention to the actual video so he made it private bc why have a video when all people are going to do is judge him bc of a stupid mark.

Dan Howell everybody.....this makes me love him even more. Which I thought was impossible.

Dan and Phil. Dan answers intercom with "HELLO THIS IS DOG" thinking it was Phil. it was their landlord.

Louise is the bomb. The phandom is such an accepting community of people. We're everywhere.

The phandom is such an accepting community of people.<< Louise s awesome, so are Dan and phil

"I'm about as violent and in intimidating as a pink butterfly that's stuck on a marshmallow" Dan Howell

When the coach asks if I understood the play

#wattpad #fanfiction This is the first phanfic of my 'Stalker Series' -  1st…

I'm Not A Stalker - Ohhhh Alex