Anyone notice how there are only three demigods with parents who are paying attention to them? Sally is awesome.

Demi babies This is what I think the order is from left to right and down: Piper Annabeth Frank Leo Bianca and Nico Thalia and Jason Percy Hazel

sums up Solangelo

“ I AM READING APOLLO FINALLY! I am really love this book I think it is the best book that uncle Rick book. Not only for Apollo ( that he is amazing x”D ), but for the aim: be strong.

will solace and nico di angelo - Google Search

Read III Nico from the story Solangelo - El Fugitivo del Inframundo (Fanfic de Percy Jackson) by (Aaron Ruiz) with reads.

this part was so sweet…. everyone please be nice to nico always | art by ghostbeam

Will is getting a bit feisty! And if you haven't finished BoO yet then you have issues so deal.